Lysanne Louter and Francesca Brunsden aka FRANNIE + LILO #wethemamas

LYSANNE LOUTER is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, and mama-turned-entrepreneur.  After witnessing the horrific aftermath of the Rana Plaza apparel factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed 1100 people, she decided she wanted to start her own clothing line.  It was a long journey from that realization to launching FRANNIE + LILO.  Lysanne was plagued with nightmares, panic attacks, and deep depression for years after meeting the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy.  When her son Finnley was born, her depression and anxiety returned.  Only when she began working on FRANNIE + LILO did she imagine a way to move forward and turn her experiences into something positive for other mamas.

FRANCESCA BRUNSDEN is a transplanted Brit, a hairstylist-turned-entrepreneur, a queen crafter, and one brave mama.  After her first miscarriage, her son Phoenix was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at 24 weeks in utero, a condition that is often "incompatible with life."  After 15 hours of labour -- and against all odds -- Phoenix was born alive.  Even though his skin was paper thin and his arms and legs were broken in many places, he lived for over 5 hours cradled in his mother's loving arms.  That day marked the beginning of a journey through grief that may never be over for Francesca.

Phoenix's younger brother, Bodie, was born almost exactly one year after his due date.  Bodie's birth was a gift that has helped Francesca find her voice and passion again.  Through FRANNIE + LILO, she hopes to fight the taboo of discussing miscarriage and child loss and raise money to support other mamas faced with this kind of tragedy.