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    FRANNIE + LILO donates a portion of every shirt sold to child loss, miscarriage, and perinatal mental health services. We support the following charities and services.


    FRANNIE + LILO supports The Olive Harper Foundation, a newly founded non-profit charity that raises funds for a variety of pediatric causes through ongoing gift donations and an annual fundraising gala. The charity was named after Olive Harper Allinson, the stillborn daughter of Amber Richardson and Ashley Allinson.

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    FRANNIE + LILO supports Molly Bears, a non-profit organization that donates weighted bears to mamas around the world. When their arms ache to hold their own baby, parents who have lost a child can snuggle a bear that weighs the same as their child.

    Bereavement Bear

     "I know what it's like to give birth and leave the hospital without your baby. The bear and the memories of the short time I spent with our little Phoenix were all I had left. In the early days after our loss, I would spend hours looking at the bear and showing it to friends and family, recalling the short time we spent with our baby. Even now, 2 years after Phoenix died, I still spend time holding the bear. It is something that we will cherish as a keepsake forever." - Francesca Brunsden

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    FRANNIE + LILO Supports the Sinai Health Foundation

    FRANNIE + LILO donates to two support groups at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. The Late Loss Bereavement Support Group is for women who have experienced a recent late pregnancy loss, including spontaneous loss and loss due to incompatibility with life. The Postpartum Support Group is for women who are at-risk for, or who are currently suffering from, postpartum anxiety or depression.

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